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So, there has been a recurring theme in my life. It’s more of an epidemic if you ask me. White people calling black intellectuals Oreos. Why do they do that you ask? Reasons that were given to me after being called an Oreo range from: you’re too nice to be black to you don’t act black or you don’t act ghetto. And to this I say, screw you! Not all black people are the same. I personally am an intellectual. I love learning new things and learning about different cultures. I speak in a manor that I believe fits me. I use words that are more than five letters long and I enunciate them as well. That does not make me any less black. White people don’t suddenly become black when they listen to rap music so why should I magically become white for speaking properly. So before you think it’s ok to assimilate me into your culture because I carry myself well, think again.

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An Oreo is a food not a description of a person.


So, I’m going to take my sister’s advice and put my thoughts out into the universe and pray that they come to fruition. I made a logo that not only represents my dreams but who I am and what I want to do with my life. I want to start a radio station in my hometown that works no matter what part of town you are in and doesn’t just play the same five songs over and over. I don’t just want to hear mainstream music I want to hear underground, indie, and alternative music. I want a radio station to play old, new, and undiscovered music. So when I start it that is what I would do with it. I would highlight some local talent so that their dreams would also come to fruition one day. I would not only use my radio station to entertain but I would use it to help others and enlighten the unenlightened to branch out and listen to new music and not stay in the bubble that is one genre. My logo represents: my future radio station, the fact that I am a communication major concentrated on broadcasting, my love of music, old and new, and what I love. It has my signature and my favorite color to personalize the image to me. I talk a lot, and I sing all of the time so this logo can go either way and it looks great on a t-shirt.  So, this logo represents me and my dreams.image

  • [walks into chair]
  • me: sorry
  • chair:

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Won an award for my writing! Best feeling ever!

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I miss the days when we used to play freeze tag and hide-n-seek. Went to the park and played basketball till the street lights came on. Life was so much simpler when we were young but wait we still are.

so why does life seem much harder now than when we were ten? -Janaé Latrice

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I hear you’re too young to understand, maybe when you’re older you will on the daily. And to that I must say why don’t you help me understand now because a lesson learned in advance keeps a mistake from happening and one avoided mistake can lead to another and another and then the cycle is broken. Once that cycle is over and we stop running the rat race we can advance and once we start we won’t stop and with momentum anything is possible.
Janaé Latrice

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